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Welcome to Body Mind Systems®

Body Mind Systems, just as the name suggests, is a program that uses traditional martial arts training to help people achieve personal fulfillment. Whether you are new to martial arts training or have achieved scholar status, we believe you will have life-changing experience at our studios.

What Makes Us Unique?

Our training system is comprehensive. We teach the wide array of martial arts styles so that students can combine their skills and knowledge into a powerful force for personal fulfillment. Here are the styles that we teach: Kung Fu, Self Defense Skills, Tai Chi, Judo, Kong Su (taekwondo/karate), Traditional Asian Weapons and Samurai Sword, and Bagua Zhang.


Body Mind Systems also fosters a sense of community and support at our studios. We believe in creating a positive and supportive environment for all of our students to thrive together. 


Our instructors are experienced, welcoming and passionate about what they do. They believe in positively impacting students and helping them achieve fulfillment, as well as contribute to their communities.

We want to make sure that every student is provided with a positive learning environment. Therefore, our studios are open, bright and welcoming. Our locations in Wheat Ridge/Denver and Littleton are convenient and provide ample parking.

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Marcus Fitzgibbons
I rarely feel compelled enough to write google reviews but in this case it's a must. Both my two boys and my self attend Body Mind Systems and have been for several months now. The depth of knowledge of the many martial art styles and systems is truly impressive. The instructors extremely talented individuals have exceeded my expectations for both myself and my children. The School/locations are very well taken care of and safe and I have no issues leaving my children for a class. Having a decade of marital art experience prior to my time at Body Mind, I'm confident when I say that these guys are among the best. I refer people to to Body Mind frequently and recommend them with zero reservation.
Francisco Pineda
Both my son and daughter love it. The environment at Body Mind is calming and unique. Their self confidence had grow since they started about 7 months ago. As a parent I love the idea that they are learning valuable life skills. George is a great instructor. He is patient, firm, and direct with the kids and has a great sense of humor. I really appreciate what Body Mind Systems has to offer. I recommend all my friends and family to take classes here. They are an amazing group of people!
Body Mind has been great for our family! Both of my sons and my husband take classes. It’s been a great way to keep them active and learning in the winter. I like that they are also learning safety techniques for situations like being approached by a stranger. Instructor George is a great guy and awesome with the kids! Highly recommend!
Dawn Billiot
I am a newbie to martial Arts. I found Body Mind Systems via google. I was able to attend a free personal one on one and my first class free as well to give it a try. I am interested in Tai Chi for my overall physical and mental well being and thus far my classes at the Wheat Ridge location with Regional Instructor George have been very helpful in addition to the smaller size classes. I appreciate how Regional Instructor George is tough with humor and takes pride in his craft. He has been a wonderful instructor thus far and I am very much enjoying learning Tai Chi. I have been more focused, more energy and feeling better just in the 3 weeks I've been attending. I look forward to my future progress. I am hooked on learning Tai Chi!
Adrienne Kam
My 6 yo joined the class 3 month’s ago and we couldn’t be happier. I appreciate the gentle but respectful atmosphere George has created. In each class there is a good balance of basic fitness training, martial arts education, and goofy fun. Perfect for keeping my kiddo interested in returning week after week.

We are open:

Monday- Friday: 10:00am – 9:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am – 2:00pm