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Welcome to Body Mind Systems®

Body Mind Systems, just as the name suggests, is a program that uses traditional martial arts training to help people achieve personal fulfillment. Whether you are new to martial arts training or have achieved scholar status, we believe you will have life-changing experience at our studios.

What Makes Us Unique?

Our training system is comprehensive. We teach the wide array of martial arts styles so that students can combine their skills and knowledge into a powerful force for personal fulfillment. Here are the styles that we teach: Kung Fu, Self Defense Skills, Tai Chi, Judo, Kong Su (taekwondo/karate), Traditional Asian Weapons and Samurai Sword, and Bagua Zhang.


Body Mind Systems also fosters a sense of community and support at our studios. We believe in creating a positive and supportive environment for all of our students to thrive together. 


Our instructors are experienced, welcoming and passionate about what they do. They believe in positively impacting students and helping them achieve fulfillment, as well as contribute to their communities.

We want to make sure that every student is provided with a positive learning environment. Therefore, our studios are open, bright and welcoming. Our locations in Wheat Ridge/Denver and Littleton are convenient and provide ample parking.

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We are open:

Monday- Friday: 10:00am – 9:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am – 2:00pm