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Our free trial program is designed to introduce you to martial arts and show you how it can be powerful influence in your life. You’ll get first-hand experience of how our unique program can help you achieve:

  • Increased Willpower and Confidence
  • Improve Concentration and Patience
  • Better Strength, Flexibility and Range of Motion
  • Increased Awareness
  • Self Defense Skills

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Good health is not just about exercise and physical development. Mental development is one of the most important things to pursue so you have more confidence, patience, willpower and ability to follow through on what you want in your life!


Marcus Fitzgibbons
I rarely feel compelled enough to write google reviews but in this case it's a must. Both my two boys and my self attend Body Mind Systems and have been for several months now. The depth of knowledge of the many martial art styles and systems is truly impressive. The instructors extremely talented individuals have exceeded my expectations for both myself and my children. The School/locations are very well taken care of and safe and I have no issues leaving my children for a class. Having a decade of marital art experience prior to my time at Body Mind, I'm confident when I say that these guys are among the best. I refer people to to Body Mind frequently and recommend them with zero reservation.
Francisco Pineda
Both my son and daughter love it. The environment at Body Mind is calming and unique. Their self confidence had grow since they started about 7 months ago. As a parent I love the idea that they are learning valuable life skills. George is a great instructor. He is patient, firm, and direct with the kids and has a great sense of humor. I really appreciate what Body Mind Systems has to offer. I recommend all my friends and family to take classes here. They are an amazing group of people!
Body Mind has been great for our family! Both of my sons and my husband take classes. It’s been a great way to keep them active and learning in the winter. I like that they are also learning safety techniques for situations like being approached by a stranger. Instructor George is a great guy and awesome with the kids! Highly recommend!
Adrienne Kam
My 6 yo joined the class 3 month’s ago and we couldn’t be happier. I appreciate the gentle but respectful atmosphere George has created. In each class there is a good balance of basic fitness training, martial arts education, and goofy fun. Perfect for keeping my kiddo interested in returning week after week.
Clair Meij
***as an update, my son has been here for almost a year, and is learning to be more coordinated and disciplined. He has made new friends and really enjoys instructor George’s classes. I would recommend trying a class to anyone,adult or child.*** After looking for a local spot to send my 5 year old son for martial arts, we did a trial class at Body Mind systems in Wheat Ridge. My son was so excited spending time with the other kids and instructor George learning new skills and running and kicking his little heart out. Instructor George makes the entire experience fun, but offers excellent guidance and encourages discipline. We signed up for classes on the spot and my son couldn't be happier with his experience since then. I would recommend this place to anyone with young kids looking for a martial arts class which focuses on fun, respect, discipline and is not overly aggressive. They focus on each child individually and the group, which has helped my kiddo who is introverted in new situations. We noticed that they offer adult classes too, which in this setting would probably be a lot of fun. Happy to have found them!

We are open:

Monday- Friday: 10:00am – 9:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am – 2:00pm